Much different!


If you are like me.. You have played this game on another platform. Such as a computer or Xbox. I used to play on a computer until it came out on the Nintendo switch and I started playing it there! the graphics are not very good, and it does get laggy sometimes. but it still is fun! I honestly recommend it.

All survivors know the common spawn cutscene where you open your eyes on the bright sunny beach, you look around and notice a silver diamond shaped thing in your wrist. That’s your specimen implant! as you pick up items that's where it goes. You press B on the switch to open inventory, (No that is NOT the jump button, I figured that out the hard way while running from a Spino.) and be careful not to encumber yourself! There is quite the amount of items to collect. 

Anyways! I have to go now, so... 

Keep Surviving!

Hello! I'm a player from Ark Survival Evolved Nintendo switch! Here to help you with tips for surviving. 

the first thing you should do is collect plenty of resources by the plenty. Then you should try to hook up with others to make a clan. Then you can gather stuff faster. You should be going good then, but I should leave you to do that. 

Hiya! I’m an Ark survivor, just like you!

You can call me Saye! I’m thirteen and this is my blog! I try to help new ARK survivors to get started on making the best clan that you can, and rule your ARK!