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Beginners Tames.

I bet you are wondering. 

What is a good beginner tames? 

Good thing I'm here! 

The first thing you will notice is a cooing/warbling sound. That’s a Dodo! They are pretty useless, but they are an easy tame. All you gotta do is punch them with your fists or a wooden club to knock them out and throw some berries into its inventory and you have an egg-laying-machine! They don’t eat much, but berries... You can find those anywhere! but to get them in bulk you need other dinosaurs.

The Trike.

We all know this common, mild-tempered dino since we were younger! But in this game, if you as much as punch it, it’s going after you. Since they are so big, they can get caught in between trees and you just spam shoot tranq arrows till it falls over. You can tame them with berries, but they prefer veggies. They have a charge that stuns you so you cannot move very fast, so I suggest scurrying up a rock before that Trike bulldozes you. 

The Parasaur.

Another Dinosaur you may know since you were younger! If you are into the Jurassic Park/World series you will also see these. Unfortunately, they are skittish and run insanely fast. So I would wait until you are in an area where it will get caught in trees and spam attack it with Tranq arrows and punching it. Also Eats berries. Is a great alarm system for predators.

The Dilo.

This poison spitting Carnivore is an easy tame! Just knock it out by punching in rapidly and give it some meat from Dodos and smaller creatures.

The Raptor.

Very fast, very stealthy. This carnivore can pounce on top of you to pin you down and attack. I suggest going into the water and knocking it out with tranq arrows as you swim.  this should be for more advanced beginners. 

Well! That’s it for today.

Tomorrow’s post: What can, or cannot be Bola’ed.

Keep Surviving!


Tuesday, March 12, 2019.